Saturday, 1 August 2009

We are back, a little wet but back.

We arrived home from our summer holiday camping trip yesterday.
The journey home was a long one but at least the sun was out.
Unlike our week away. It rained every day and so hard on the Sunday that out tent was flooded and ended up floating on the rain water. If it wasn't for the little ones it would have been fine. However we do have little ones and as they need to be warm and dry we had to take drastic measures. So new tent shopping we went.
Lucky for us Millets had a half price tent sale and we got a whoppa for a fantastic price.
Back at the campsite we were able to see the areas least rain affected areas and picked a great one.
To cut a long story short, we washed and dried our stuff moved to our new tent (its huge) and got on with the rest of our holiday.
The highlight had to be our day at The New Forrest Show, it was a fantastic day with tons to see, do, buy and try. I hope to go again next year

We still enjoyed the break well you cant let the weather stop you.
On the Wednesday we went into Lymington and saw Princess Anne at the sailing club.

On Thursday we went to The New Forest Show. It was a long day with lots of walking ( the show is massive). The boys did so well walking for over 5 hours. Yes we had some pit stops but I still think they did well especially with Harley still getting over the pox and Oakley's first spot starting to show.
We had lunch in a dry spot under a tree whilst the rain poured down, the boys loved it. There was live music playing and it was a little festival like.
We had a ride on a horse and cart and walked through the most beautiful wild flower meadow. The boys made bird feeders and planted seeds to attract honey bees. I got a pair of Fitflops and the boys all got new Crocs. A great day was had by all. x
As you can see the sun did shine a little between the the downpours and it is these moments that I shall try to remember.


  1. OMG all that rain ... and camping ... you are very brave. Glad you had a good time in the end despite the weather. Your photos illustrated everything perfectly
    What did you do about Oakley and passing the pox on ... did you hide him once the spot appeared lol

  2. Looks like you had a fab time despite the weather! Good for you for sticking out the camping in the rain, I can;t even get my husband in our tent in the garden, which is a shame, I know the kids would just love it!!

  3. Great photos but have to admit I'm happy it was YOU in the rain and not me! Sorry! Glad you had a good time, despite it all.

  4. We went camping last year at the end of August in all that wind and rain and to be honest yes we got soaked, yes some nights we didn't sleep well cos we were scared that the tent would fly away but the kids had fun and now we can see the funny side of it. Glad it wasn't that bad and that you had a good time. Lovely photo's can't wait to see them in a layout. xx

  5. Those photos are amazing. I love the poppies and the ones in the rain. Really tell the story.

  6. the pictures are lovely- and camping in the rain (you are braver than I am).

  7. I love your photos, glad you all managed to get dry eventually, must have been a nightmare with little ones


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