Thursday, 23 July 2009

Teachers Treats

Well thats it, the summer holidays have started.

For us this has been a very strange time. Harley has finished pre-school and will be starting big school in September. This is something that I find very hard to accept, my boy is growing up and very fast.

Oakley is also growing fast and he will be starting at the older childrens setting of pre-school in September. So they are both moving on.

As a Thank you to all the staff at pre-school we made little tea light boxed gifts. 15 of them.

Sadley due to Harley having Chicken pox both the boys missed there last days at school. Harley was very upset about this as he really loves it and has recently made some good friends.
I hope that he enjoys big school as much.

I am glad that our pre-school days are not over yet and Oakley still has awhile to go. They are very lucky to go to a wonderful pre-school with great staff. They really love it and I get very emotional about things like that.

We have been very lucky with the chicken pox. Harley has not suffered too much, just being a little restless and upset at night.
Here are some of his pox pictures.


  1. What a GREAT project these are sooo pretty!!!

  2. Those boxes are so cool ... brilliant gift idea with the tea lights.
    Glad Harley is not scratching too much.

  3. What a great project, love the idea of the tea lights. Hope Harley is getting better now..

  4. Great gifts! My kids will be going into year 6 and year 1 when they get back,I cant believe how fast it goes!

  5. Hi's me again ....I've something on my blog for you , if you pop over.


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