Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Chicken Pox

I am so sad that My Little man is missing his last days of Pre-School, Due to Chicken Pox. He is so missing his little friends that he only sees when at school and some of which will be going to new schools. He will have to wait till September before he sees them again. A few that he talks about will be Going to the same primary school as him and he is so looking forward to seeing them then.The spots have not come out too well in the photo but they are all over his body face and head. Just waiting for the other one to come out with it now.

Sports Day

Last Wednesday was sports day at Pre-school and dispite a few showers great fun was had by all. It was Harleys last sports day at Pre-school and Oakleys first. They both had a fab time as did all the others. Who knows one of those little stars maybe a sports man or woman of the future. WOW!


  1. Love the sportsday shots ... great for scrapping.
    Bless your little one and his spots .. I wonder how much oily calamine you will get through, or is that not used anymore?. My friend put her daughter in gloves so that it was harder to scratch the spots and cause scars. Good Luck xx

  2. So sad to hear this especially on the last day and all. Just think of my mum the 6 of us went down with it 1 week after the other in the hols..........no fun at all no outings!!

    left a little pick me up for you on my blog...

  3. My son had such a bad case of chicken pox that I swore that once the vaccine was available that our future children would never have to experience it. Hence my daughter having had the vaccine and she gets the booster shot every few years to keep it away :-) Bless your soul and your little...the itches after the blisters are the worst part!


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