Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I love my postman today!!!!

My postman was my best friend this morning. He knocked on the door at 8am ish With a pizza box for me. It was from Crafts U love. I had ordered a few sheets of the new magnolia papers, they are just so so cute. Wish I had got more now.

Then about half hour later he was back. This was Fantastic, another pizza box.
I know it seems a if I have been spending too much but I blame Louise at Sidcup Scrapaholix for this.
I was scrapping with her on Sunday at the Hawley crop that is run by ChelleH1 on UKS if anyone is interested.
Anyway Louise pulls out this fabulous kit from Sarahs Card Ltd. Now I have bought off Sarahs cards before and am a big fan of one of there design team members Rachael Elliott, so I have admired these kits and what she does with them for some time.
Well when I had this kit in my hands and was able to touch feel and smell it in all its glory. I knew right at that moment I HAD TO HAVE ONE!
I then reluctantly passed it to Michelle to have a look and have to say it was like magic she had the same thoughts as me.
Unbeknown to us while we were in ore of the kits beauty and the fantastic idea booklet it comes with, Louise is on her phone checking out the web site and says' They only have 2 kits left'.
Well that was it 'ORDER THEM QUICK'!!!!!!!!
All the rest is history.


  1. I'd love my postman too if he brought me stash like that. Can't wait to see the finished articles!

  2. Those papers look scrummy! Very inspiring papers, colours and patterns. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  3. I'd have to marry my postman - and I don't think he'd like that! Look forward to seeing what you do with your goodies!

  4. Oooh luvverly stash! You lucky, lucky girl! Enjoy playing with it xx

  5. I have never seen magnolia papers ...they are very interesting. I love blaming others when I spend on stash lol

  6. Your stash looks very scrummy.
    I am a Sarah's Cards fan too - I got a crad kit from her and it was delish!

  7. At last I have sorted your lovely award out and I am displaying it with pride. I have also passed it on and contacted everyone . Thank you so much xx

  8. Yummy love the kit. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

    Shaz xxxx

  9. Hey Jude (Sorry just had to, just once)!
    Have you used any of it yet, I haven't, have tried a couple of times but cannot seem to bring myself to cut it.

  10. No I am saving it for the retreat. x


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