Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My sons 1st great loss

Today Harley lost his first tooth. Oh and what a drama it was.
He has had a wobbly one for a few weeks now and oddly enough went to the dentist today. After arriving home the boys where having a kick about and Harley got a ball in the face. He was so worried about his tooth bless him. About 30 mins latter he was 'just checking'  it and out it came. If it was not for the blood I think he would have been fine. Oh the tears, boy did they flow.

Once I told him he would be able to drink with a straw in the gap that his tooth had left behind and that the tooth fairy may even leave him some money tonight he was fine.
Just had to record this moment here until I get time to scrap it. x


  1. It is SO important the fairy remembers - she forgot to visit just the once in my home and goodness what 'she' unpopular! Christine x

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    Pass it on...


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