Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Knitting on cocktail sticks

I thought I would have a go at knitting on cocktail sticks late last night.
I remembered how to cast on and knit but thats as far as it goes for me. So I made my efforts into this.
I am so in love with easel cards. It will be such a surprise when they open the card.
Think I will make a few more of these to store away ready. x


  1. Wow what a cute and innovative idea - truly lovely x

  2. This is so sweet - how patient and nimble fingered you are to have managed that knitting - wonderful!! xx

  3. What a fun card ...I am sure a new Mum would love the knitting bit as a keepsake .

  4. Wow, that card is adorable!
    Thank you for the lovely comment!x


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