Sunday, 28 June 2009

Armed Forces weekend

Well today we decided on a trip to Brighton for a picnic on the beach. After a long search for a car park space, we had to eventually park in the shopping centre. Shopping was not the plan but as we were leaving the car park I saw Cath Kidston carrier bags. These where all the more pleasing to the eye as they had the word SALE on them. So that was it, shopping had to come 1st, Picnic 2nd.
I was a little sad to see that the purse that I have only had a few months is now in the sale so along with a few sale bits I also treated myself to the picnic rug I have had on my wish list for a while now.
I took a few pics on the beach and although it look overcast it was very warm and there where folk swimming in the sea.
On the way back to the car we passed Choccywoccydoodah and I could not pass by without a good nose round and a few pictures of the most fabulous chocolate creations.
I am a chocoholic and have already eaten 2 bars whilst writing this blog, but how anyone could destroy these by eating them is beond me. They are fantastic.

Sat 27th June 2009 Armed Forces Day
This was the 1st ever Armed forces day and with our connections to the forces we went along to Battersea Park London to show our support. It was not what we expected to say the least, however the boys enjoyed it and loved running around the park. Harley also was asked to be in a photo for the Wandsworth Guardian, so if any one gets it, save me a copy. x
I hope a good weekend was had by all and that you are ready for the heatwave that is to join us tomorrow.
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  1. hi hun

    thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, loving the cupcake, think i might have to have a go a that xxxxxx

  2. I used to work in Brighton and there was never a Cath Kidston there then! Where abouts is it? I may have to pay a little visit (especially if they have the cowboy print stuff in the SALE!).

    I'm off now to learn how to make a cupcake pin cushion - gorgeous!

  3. Wow. Eating these is something I'd struggle to do - my hubby would give it a go though.

  4. You might already know this but just in case you didn't... go to and click on the fabric option. You can order free yes that's FREE swatches of her material. They come quite quickly and are a decent size too. I'm getting a lovely collection for scrapping ;) Some are quite often out of stock but it is def worth keep checking back.

    Don't say I'm not good to you :P

  5. What wonderful photos of your boys and .... Wow those cakes are beyond words ... love the heart one as its beautiful yet edible where as the dog ones would be harder to eat lol. The ONLY thing I miss about moving up from london to Scotland are the train trips to Brighton.xx

  6. Brighton is SO on my to do list and yet, here we are after DH has had a week off and we still haven't made it. Ah, priorities!! Fab pics, looks like a great weekend to me.

  7. I love Cath Kidston stuff. I bought a blue spotty handbag last month.... not that the Dh knows it's new............ had it ages darling ;)


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