Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My New Toy

On the way home Saturday I popped into Netto to see if they had something I saw in there flyer.
I thought that they would be sold out. So when I found a whole stack of them I was totally surprised.

Now the thing is I do already own a full sized machine. As to its whereabouts I am not really sure, I expect it is in the loft at my parents.
Still no need to worry about that right now as I have this little beauty. Just perfect for my paper crafting.

Once home I had a little play and these are the first cards made with it.
Hope you like them x
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  1. WOW Jude these are fab...... I don't think I could squeeze one of them in with out hubby seeing ..........LOL

  2. Fantastic,I have mine somewhere!!! Great cards

  3. These look great! I have been meaning to make cards using my sewing machine forever. Thanks for commenting over on my blog too!

  4. Love these little beauties they are fab. How much is the sewing machine, I know someone that is after one xxx.


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