Monday, 12 October 2009

My 1st trip to Pickleberry Papercrafts

Today I had a fantastic time playing with paper at Pickleberry.
I went with Louise to a class taken by the lovely Jane Dean. In the class we made the cutest advent calender ever. It is all ready to be filled with chocs, all for me!!!!!!!

Sorry the pics are not great. I could not wait till daylight.

Now I must tell you more about this beautiful little bit of papercraft heaven.
If I had not gone with Louise I may never have found it. Don't let that put you off, its more to do with my navigation skills than anything else.
We entered the door into the lobby and where met by a lovely smell and a feast fit for any crafters eyes. I must have spent at least the first five mins in ore of the beautifully crafted things all around me. All beautifully displayed to show them off to there very best.
The shop its self is a lesson to all just how much you can do, and do well with a small space. There are more beautiful things to buy there than in the size of a store like Hobby craft.
Well that's it what more can I say other than I loved it.
So here's what I bought..

And this lush ribbon.

As if all this was not enough excitement for one day, I was also lucky enough to see Jane's studio in all it glory....real eye candy. x


  1. Delicious, lovely advent calendar, what a lovely day!

  2. OMG thats gorgeous!!!! and I love the ribbon too:D
    Lucky you :D

  3. What a great day you had ....and that is an amazing advent calender

  4. Ooh, you lucky thing you!! What a fab advent calender too. Looking forward to meeting you at Steph's Make and Take day!!

    Caryn xxx

  5. What a fab advent calendar! I love it!!!and look at all that yummy stash! sometimes I really wish i still lived on the mainland (or it didn't cost so much to get the car over on the ferry)I miss going to new craft shops and buying new stash :( thank you for your comments about Gracie, she is recovering well and will soon be full of beans and back to her normal self (hopefully).

  6. Love this it look like a really fun project.

    Shaz xx

  7. What a fabulous project!
    big hugs
    En xx

  8. love that advent calendar, can you give lessons??


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