Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I love Paperchase

I popped into Paperchase this morning to get yet another pack of paper for the wedding order I am working on. I was 4 sheets short.
I could not resist having a look around and as usual they had fab stock. The Christmas stock is amazing and so much that can be used in my crafting.
I was very good and said to myself I could only have one thing. So I chose yet another note book.
Here it is..........

It is so so cute. The cover is fabric and parts of the pattern are stitched.
I love it. x


  1. It looks wonderful!!! I can see why you love it soo much..ITS DARLING!

  2. That is just the cutest notebook I've ever seen - I wouldn't have been able to resist either lol Love your 3D advent calender & congrats on making the home page - you're famous!! Hugs, Steph xxx

  3. Yum. Me and Paperchase - danger!


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