Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New Family Member

How exciting, My brother-in-law and his partner had there 3rd child yesterday. Both mother and baby are doing well.
Having a new baby girl in the family is a great excuse to head to the shops and look at all things PINK. I love PINK.
With so much cute stuff out there for girls I found it to hard to pick a gift. So I settled on some cute little socks and decided to set about making them look exciting.

Baby sock Cupcakes.  x

As my husband is now based in Germany he is off to Holland this weekend to welcome little Poppy into the family.
My gift will travel out with my In-laws tomorrow. As for me I am waiting for a photo, my cuddle will have to wait.  : (
Please feel sorry for me LOL x


  1. These are soooooo adorable Judith how cute and soooo creative!

  2. Those sock cupcakes are brilliant ...such fun ...far mor exciting than just a pair of soks.

  3. Congrats to your BIL & the rest of the family - wonderful news & how delightful are those sock cupcakes?!! so clever :) Happy Easter xxx

  4. Oh, how gorgeous are these! I still look at tiny pink things and my daughter is nearly 8... I need someone close to me to have a little girl!!

  5. They're absolutely beautiful Jude, what a gorgeous gift - I bet you didn't want to give it away in the end it's so cute. Is all that pink giving you ideas lol!! Stunning! You ought to have this published somewhere.

    Hope to see you Tuesday
    Hugs Jude

  6. These are absolutely gorgeous Jude - do you take orders??
    Hope you are well, Michelle x

  7. Those are the cutest sock cupcakes ever! How sweet. Congratulations on the new baby girl in your family!


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